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Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Health and wellbeing coaches support people to increase their ability to self-manage, motivation levels and commitment to change their lifestyle. They are experts in behaviour change and focus on improving health related outcomes by working with people to set personalised goals and change their behaviours. They work with people with physical and/or mental health conditions and those at risk of developing them.

Our Health and wellbeing coaches can be an effective intervention for people experiencing a range of short or long term conditions, including ADHD, social anxiety and stress/low mood. They can also support people with weight management, diet and increasing activity levels.


Health coaching uses 'Personalised care and support planning' which is a series of facilitated conversations in which the person, or those who know them well, actively participates to explore the management of their health and well-being within the context of their whole life and family situation.

Personalised care and support planning is key for people receiving health and social care services. It is an essential tool to integrate the person’s experience of all the services they access so they have one joined-up plan that covers their health and wellbeing needs.

The process recognises the person’s skills and strengths, as well as their experiences and the things that matter the most to them. It addresses the things that are not working in the person’s life and identifies outcomes or goals and actions to resolve these.


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Family Time

Parent Coaching

Being a parent is one of the most important roles we can experience, but it can also be one of the most challenging. Children process their earliest experiences of relationships and create a 'blueprint' for what they should expect and accept in a relationship into adulthood.. They therefore need, and deserve, to be cherished and valued, within a loving family environment, one in which they can grow and flourish into a happy adult with a positive view on life.
Who wouldn't want this for their child!
However, when stress and life's problems effect family life, this can cause relationship stress and breakdown between parents or even with the parent/carer-child relationship. We aim to support those parents with children under 5 years old, by helping them to reflect on their family relationships and prevent any negative influences affecting their child's wellbeing and positive emotional development.


Initial Consultation

You will receive an individualised and holistic consultation and assessment from a Registered Independent Health Visitor, providing an opportunity to identify any health or parenting concerns or wellbeing worries with you or your child. This is a no obligation appointment costing just £30 which will then be deducted from any further intervention costs, should you choose AIKO to support your needs.

This fee may not be applicable for some clients who are referred by identified partner organisations.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss further.

Parent Coaching

The individual coaching sessions are one to one coaching opportunities which can be utilised to work through a wide range of health & wellbeing issues. To include, but not exclusive to parents/carers of babies or young children requiring support with crying, sleeping, colic,, parental low mood, anxiety or child behaviour concerns. The number of sessions required are totally individual and will be discussed at the start of any programme of intervention.

Life coaching
Couple's Portrait

Parent / Couple 
Relationship Coaching

We all need to relate to our family, friends and colleagues however our ability to do so can at times be entangled with complications, conflict or lack of support. AIKO are available to discuss relationship issues and support individuals and couples with young children to develop peronalised decision-making skills and empowering you to recognise available healthy choices and communication strategies,.

We offer bespoke programmes of couple, individual or mixed consultations, for intimate spouse or inter-family relationships that may benefit from a safe space to identify and reflect on perceived relationship difficulties. We aim to facilitate discussions and goal setting to prioritise your required outcomes and resolutions, enabling improved and effective communication and nurturing self-resilience to cultivate the happy and healthy relationship/s you deserve..

The length and frequency of our coaching sessions are flexible and dependant on your individual needs and circumstances.

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