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Local services working in partnership to support family and community relationships, health and wellbeing


From health coaching and parent courses to community musical events, we are always developing and expanding services to meet our local community needs.

About Us

About Us

AIKO is a not for profit social enterprise, established in 2018. We work in partnership with the local community across the Kirklees and Calderdale



  • We have a passion for therapeutic interventions and programmes that incorporate an holistic approach to the health and well being of our clients. We believe that there can be no good health without well being (happiness and enjoyment), and we aim to support the members of local communities, to have opportunities to access positive connections with their inner selves, their surroundings, as well as personal and community relationships.

  • AIKO works in partnership with local services and agencies to support individuals and communities to feel valued and empowered to develop positive mental health, self-confidence, healthy relationships, and access engaging experiences, all vital in achieving personal, family and community well being.

Our values

  • Everyone should receive a personalised and empowering experience at AIKO

  • Professional and holistic health and well being consultation should be undertaken in partnership with clients, and enables effective, person-centred care, support and self-identified therapeutic pathways

  • Education and information sharing promotes awareness, understanding and community cohesion

  • Everyone is their own 'best expert' when decisions about relevant services and programmes are made and self-efficacy is a priority

  • Delivering the best, innovative, and cost-effective programmes and care pathways require highly skilled practitioners who undertake regular and high-quality training and receive relevant and supportive clinical supervision and support

Our standards are high, with an emphasis on personalised care and safety, placing the client as central to all decision making. You can expect a comprehensive initial health consultation by an experienced specialist nurse or practitioner, prior to being recommended any course of treatment, therapy or intervention.


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